My depression pushed a guy I liked away. Should I feel embarrassed? How to deal with the regret?

I pushed this awesome guy away because of my depression. I was really insecure. I couldn't handle it when he ended it because I was afraid my depression was back. I came across like I was lashing out on him and he ignored me because he didn't know how to respond. We have a mutual friend and now they're dating. I told the friend of 10 years how he ended it with me because of my depression and age says she didn't care. Now they're together and talking about buying a house and marriage. How do I get over this?
Anyone else?


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  • Unfortunately... welcome to the jungle. Shitty, unfair things happen, and push comes to shove, people look out for themselves first.

    Your friend doesn't give a shit because she is going to be happy out of the situation... did you think she'd give him up for you? Not happening.

    You simply have to accept this, learn from it, and move on. I wish I could sugarcoat it for you, but you simply have to grow up and move past your insecurities. You need to determine what it is you want in life, break down the steps to getting it, and do it.

    Depression is due to dwelling in the past. Close those chapters. When thoughts of the past surface, push them out and focus on your goals for the future. Drown out negative emotions with positive actions that achieve your goals.

    It will help to cut both of those people out of your life. That should be step one. Get rid of anything that holds you back.

    • I do agree with you but please note that depression takes over. It's an illness that is hard to beat. It wasn't my insecurities I needed to beat but depression.

    • I understand that, and I do sympathize. However, you can't let it become an excuse. Be very cautious about that.

    • You're right. I went and got treatment.

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  • Don't be embarrassed at all, it's okay. That's really crappy of your friend to get with him like that. I am so sorry this happened to you. I don't really have any good advice, except to say that time heals everything and all you can do is look ahead and try to focus on other things. Depression sucks, but things will get better.


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  • oh well... just accept it... he's almost married so... no chance, almost :)


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  • It isn't your fault you are depressed is it? No it isn't. Hun, if he can't handle what you're going through? He isn't worth it. He didn't want to date a girl with "issues" or anything which shows his true self... I would know... I've been having so many people leave when my depression got worse because they just don't want to deal with it.

  • its not your fault...


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