Is this a sign he's not over me?

My ex went to my sister in laws to drop some of my stuff off and she said se saw him out the window and he had crazy hair, a massive unkept beard, looked unbathed and somber. He also didn't drop off all the items I asked for and said he forgot the other 2 but he will drop them
Off another day... Is he not over me? Is it possible he's regretting the break up?


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  • maybe he got totally wasted and now that he doesn't have a girl he doesn't need to shave or take a bath regularly or what you were thinking... yea prb what you are thinking

    • So when a guys single he shod look like shit? I would think if he was over me he would be bathing regularily and maybe getting a hair cut in hopes of meeting someone

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    • i understand i hope it works out for you i really do sounds like you really love him but unfortunately there are just somethings you can't control just do your best and be strong

    • Thanks for the advice and listening ear. He really truly is my favourite person and best friend. I miss him every day.

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  • No if he was over u he woulda said u come by and pick up ur own shit bitch

  • guess yeah... he's ignoring his personal hygiene :)

    • And I would think he would have given me all of my stuff instead of forgetting some items.. Or
      Maybe I'm
      Just reading into it?

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  • yeah, it is.


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