Why do woman expect us to read their minds and get mad when we stop trying?

She would act all distant like everything was fine.. nudging me off then all of a sudden well maybe if you acted like you care!! Then the shit just spirals out of control. I'll admit I'm bad and have little compassion but really cmon ladies... how would you think this benefits you. Why do you do it?


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  • 1) Not all of us do. Stop generalizing.

    2) If someone is doing that to you, tell them to stop being hypocritical. It is asinine for someone to expect you to give them all your attention and when you abide by their wishes (for you to leave them alone), they lash out at you.

    Completely unfair.

    3) Again, not all women do it. I don't do it. Some women want a guy to dote over her even when she told him not to. It could be mood swings. Or she could feel that the guy was pretending to be invested and simply got tired of her so didn't even try to check up on her when he left her alone.

    • Think it was number 3.. I hate it though. I'm not generalizing just seems every relationship I've ever been this happens. This last girl was barely 18 so I guess that explains it

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  • Women expect that we are as intuitive as they are...
    No matter how often we try and explain that we cannot read between the lines because there are no lines, they still think that we can change...
    Can we? Not to the point that we would have to in order to satisfy most.

    It's not their fault either.. They're intuitive and empathetic... If they can relate to and read us, they assume that we can do the same with them...

    Eh, what are you gonna do? ... It is what it is.. Haha!

    • U answered my question about the chick saying j don't make enough money for her high class life style lol this is the same girl I'm referring to

    • Hahaha! I remember now! That's hilarious! Well take out anything positive if we are talking about her... Lmao!

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  • Sometimes we're just tired of explaining. My ex used to not give a damn if I'm feeling down, for example:

    Him: yo baby, what u doin?
    Me: nothing much, I'm feeling a little bit down today...
    Him: ah alright alright

    And of course he's not gonna notice, but as soon as he notices me being distant and cold towards him he would ask RIGHT AWAY what's wrong, because it's about him now.

  • We are strange like that...


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  • Lol. Us guys will never understand. If they want to say something, they should say it. Them expecting us to read there minds and determine what they want is horseshit. Maybe it's becuae they watch all these movies where a guy always reacts to a situation the same way and they expect really life to play out like it.

  • Lol... didn't you read the "what women want" list. Its under Section 236, subsection C): "Must be able to have professor X like mind reading abilities"

  • They might deny it but girls do this (not all of them but the majority)

  • Just ignore them, that's what I do.

    • Then they leave

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    • Don't even acknowledge you're an alpha male. you stay humble. Makes you even more alpha bro

    • Thanks, lol

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