Should I forget my ex? Or should I win him back and how?

I and my ex broke up 7 years ago. I have never stopped loving Him. I made a mistake as I was young and hurt him.
i contracted him last year and we have remained friends. Met up last year once and last week and have agreed to meet up more often.
im still in love with him. I think he has feelings for me still but I have a feeling he doesn't trust me.
is it worth forgetting him? It's hard not to picture being in a relationship.
how can I also explain I was young and made mistakes and he was the best thing that ever happened to me?


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X in your own softie spot, there comes a time when you may realize that you still love him and no one else and Also-------It's hard not to picture being in a relationship.
    I love the fact here, dear, that you both have gone back to being friends. This is a good way to nurse and nurture something special and maybe bring you both back to the beginning of abetter beguine where you can start over. I feel if you go slow with the flow, in time he will overcome these feelings of No trust and start to believe you and believe in you again.
    Sit down and have a long talk with him. Open lines of communication is one of the most important factors in any new or old relationship. Tell him all of the feelings that you have bottled up inside of you and I am betting myself, as wise as I am that... you are the best thing that ever happened to him as well.
    Good luck. xx

    • I am so sorry here, dear.. on my end, I seem to be having problems with my computer because it is not printing all that I am writing... I only see some of it... I also have said, in case it didn't take, that nursing and nurturing what you have now in being friends right now, in time, he will learn to believe you and to believe in you again and I am betting... you are the best thing that ha sever happened to him as well. Just tell him everything that you have bottled up inside of you and I think in time, you both will find your way again with one another.. Good luck. xx

    • This is beautiful advice. Thank you 😃

    • Oh, so welcome, sweetie.. I apologize, MYFutureEX just wrote to me and said nothing is wrong, I just needed to expand my text here, dear.. never had to do it before with my writings. lol.. thank you so much and glad to have been able to help. xxoo

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  • Say what yo feel. Tell him everything straight up and have no regrets. If you love him so much you're going to tell him the truth and apologize for the mistake you made when you were younger. It's been seven years and you probably changed a lot, let him know that.

    • I told him I was sorry and was young and didn't know better. I didn't bring the exact issue up though. How do I show him I have changed?

  • The only way to show you have changed is through actions and slowly building trust, and that is only if he decides to give it another chance. I was in his shoes in a very similar situation, and to be honest although I really loved her, I would never go back; had to turn that love into an aversion.

  • What was the mistake? Were you unfaithful to him?

    • Yes I was. But I was 19. He went overseas for 3 months. I thought he didn't want to be with me. Because I started seeing other guys he started seeing other women too. He pretty much spat in my face. Now we are friends again and I have apologised.

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    • Well. . . didn't you assume that the relationship was over when he left and you started seeing other guys, but in his mind you still had a relationship? That suggests that you had a significant problem with communication. You may be much better at that now but it does sound like you had that problem.

      He must decide for himself that you have changed but you can do some things to show that you approach relationships differently, like. . . have a conversation about what your expectations are for the frequency of contact, frequency of seeing each other. If you think it is appropriate, discuss your feelings about when you will be ready for a sexual relationship (if that has not already occurred.)

    • It is only the start. Last year was the first time I saw him in 7 years and saw him last week. We are only at the friendship stage still.

  • ALWAYS forget an ex. they are ex's for a reason


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