My baby's dad left a week ago after a really bad argument with absolutely no contact at all, what am I waiting for and how long do I wait?

We have a really up and down relationship and he disappears quite often I could get hold of him if I wanted but it's always me chasing him and I really don't want to be like this forever how can I change the way he acts, he doesn't respect me at all and I feel like he's always putting me down, and doesn't care about anything but himself, he hasn't even rang/txt to see if our baby is ok..
I think you're right I just have to accept the harsh reality that he doesn't really care and there's nothing I can do about it I just hate not knowing where I stand now I'm expected to just stay home waiting for him to dictate my life! While looking after the baby 😔


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  • You can't squeeze blood from a stone.

    You probably can't change the way he acts. If something hasn't clicked inside him once he had a child, then it's probably never going to. He sounds like he's not worth your time and effort. I'd suggest forgetting about him.


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  • Just wait for him to come back.

    • How long do I wait? Where's the line between "space" and taking the mic?

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  • hope he'll come back since he has a baby now... it'll b stupid if he leaves u :)

  • if you can raise that kid on your own financially than fuck him because if he's not gonna price things up with you and raise his child then do it on your own


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