What does new slate for him me?

my ex broke up with me 6 months ago. no communication ever no contact, for the first month tho i initiated contact twice but he just ignored me after that i never contact him again.. 5 months passed. and im already giving up.. then suddenly we started alking and seeing each other again, we do couple stuffs, talk on the phone almost every night and daily text when were free, i already slept with him again -.- but still it feels like we never broke up at all.. we go on a date and everything.. was very overprotective whenever he sees someone checking on me, one time we had a small argument, one moment he said he thought this will be a new slate for us.. we already fixed what we had argue about. but what i never ask him was what does he mean? a new slate for us? ., we haven't really made the talk yet., so is it like dating each other unofficial?
we haven't called each other babe or honey yet which we usually do before, but we still have endearment but its not as sweet as that.. and we haven't say i love you yet again


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  • New slate... Blank slate, A new beginning hopefully. starting over and making things right. Hope for the best expect the worst

    • yeah.. i know what it means.. but new slate as a?
      dating unofficially? like friends bc we started that wat? or like friends with benefits maybe?

    • Well I guess it depends on the guy... If I says I want to start over, mean when we started dating (and not meaning the same as before but trying to make it better) I guess you'll just have to be blunt and ask him if you two are dating again or just trying things..

    • Hey thanks for /mho, I hope the best for you two.. or just you if he's not in the picture anymore...

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  • You have a fresh start, if it's what you want, don't waste a second opportunity


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  • I think it means you're starting the relationship fresh


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