How to keep yourself up I feel like a loser?

This is more of a rant than anything. Is went into the marine corps after high school and had to lie on my enlistment papers about a past surgery to get in
they found out I never got to finish bootcamp. I came back was really depressed. I ended up working full time two years living at home never went to school. That third year I went into the police academy paying for everything as a self sponsor. I failed one of the test and didn't make it. Now I'm about to turn 22 and I can go to the academy again or go to school. I decided school then academy. But my girlfriend broke up with me a week before the academy. I literally have like two to three friends I stay in contact with. I'm starting summer classes then moving out of my parents in the fall for college. for work I've been bouncing around a temp agency switching jobs like every two weeks. I've never experienced depression like this. I flashback like 3 years in the middle of the night and just think wtf was I doing. I know this more of a rant.


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  • Just work harder for your goals


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  • You could stay focused on one thing you want to achieve now and strive for it. Don't stop and don't think of anything else until you get there.

    Best of luck dude.


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  • Google Real Social Dynamics.

    • I hate that pick up artist shit. It's artificial.

    • No dude It gave me a lot of confidence in finding the girls that i have massive connections with. Best decision of my life.

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