REALLY? Is this the only reason?

My ex said he won't spilt bills up with me because it's cheaper to keep them together... Is this really the only reason?

Cause this doesn't tell me why he won't spilt up the other stuff like things we on together.

do you think there is also the reason he just doesn't want to let me go fully? Wants me as a back up option?
  • Yes, he just sees you as a discount... What an asshole! Major douche!
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  • No, you're the back-up... And apparently a discount. 2 for 1 special!
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Also when I said people who break up spilt things... People who are together keep things together and I don't think you have any plan to get back with me he shrugged and have me a look of you never know. And then proceeded to say I don't know the future.
Also let me say this he pays my insurance because I lost my job and now am existing to start my job and get a check... So he isn't saving. He's been paying it before we broke up and after. Makes no sense


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  • No. Every time you split with someone and there is equity and liabilities to split up it becomes a subtle "Fuck You" over every item.

    • It's been a while and it isn't like he like oh no you can't have these I want it. He broke up with me and I have been nothing but civil and mostly is. Just when you ask to spilt bills up he is like no don't want to talk about it and ignores anything I say. He's just like we don't need to spilt things we both pay 50:50.

      Then when it comes to stuff he's like take whatever you want and I am like then you are going to say that was mine like I am unsure who bought what and then who wants what and I can't even get the stuff you have the key to the place we have it in... And he's just like no. Just leave it there. It's not going anywhere and I pay for it to be kept there so I don't see the issue. If you want something you tell me and we go get it... -_-

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  • Wouldn't splitting everything make it more fair?

    Who is the major bread winner?

    • He is. But when we got stuff items together I was. I thought it would be more fair. Also causes the situation to be not complicated and he doesn't have to deal with me.

    • Well since he's the major bread winner he should have no problem with this.
      He is being cheap :\

    • Exactly he makes 600 every two weeks on a paycheck and then 500 dollars every week in tips... 3200 a month he can easily afford it. He just bought a really expensive item for like 400 dollars -_-

      His mom is all like I think he just wants to step back and see if you are making changes and that you better. Making money and stable... I wanted to be like no you don't know him.

      (I lost my job but now have a new one and I was depressed and got miserable and he broke up with me cause t made him miserable...)

      He always tries to be like when I say couples keep things together and you don't plan to get back with me he says I don't know the future.

      So I don't get his logic like insurance discounts together. Phone bill no discounts.

      Honestly getting rid of storage would save him money... Being off a phone plan with me would say him money. He would not get late fees. He has been paying my insurance while I have been waiting to get a job and waiting to start it.

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  • He is asshole be done with him

    • If only I could get this stuff spilt up. These are major things.

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  • Cheaper to keep them together how?

    • Like car insurance together on the policy we are cheaper together cause we get multiple driver discounts. So the other day inject on him about spilting up and he called and got a quote and they said it would go up 300 dollars for each of us the 6 month plan. So he was like see this is why. And I said I am sorry, but that isn't my issue and I am not trying to screw you over. You can easily afford this. You pay all your bills and still have money to buy a 400 dollar item.. So 60 extra month isn't going to kill you...

      But this doesn't tell me why we keep phones together we don't have a termination fee... And why we keep belongings from when we lived together but we had to stop because of finances at the time but stayed together for 10months after as a couple...

      It just makes no sense and he is always just like when I say we spilt things after a break up people who are together have bills and stuff together. And I don't think you plan to get back with me and he shrugged and gave me look

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    • This doesn't make sense at all and he is your ex after all

    • No I don't get his end game. Its so frustrating.

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