Guys, I need insight, why would any guy do this?

My ex won't spilt up our car insurance cause he gets a discount by having me on there... He would only be paying like 60 extra a month and he makes really good money. But the problem is I haven't been paying my insurance due to losing my job and then hours were cut so I made a lot less. So he was paying like 120 extra for my insurance... He is still paying it while I start my new job.

we have a cell phone plan together to which he refuses to spilt and have our own plans. No early termination cost. And me being late for payments has caused fees obviously and still won't switch?

we have a unit full of stuff that we owned and with our own stuff and I have asked to clear it out and sort who gets what... He refuses to say no. No point and then pretends to not listen to me..

when i say couples have stuff together he says so. And I say well I don't think you plan on getting back with me he shrugs and says I don't know. Can't tell the future and gives me the look anything can happen you never know...

(He broke up with me and it's been a couple of months already.)

  • He doesn't want to cut ties you're the second option. A back up bitch
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  • It's a power thing
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  • You're just his way of staying cheap
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  • He plans to get back with you after he done having fun and wants to be serious again
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  • This guy makes no sense
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  • He doesn't want to cut the ties because he sees you as part of his future. Everything that he is telling you is just an excuse for him to stay involved in your life.

    • But he broke up with me because he said he was unhappy cause I was going through a rough time in my life which made him miserable... Now I am back on track and stable again and he still is single and doing what we he wants

    • If you are complaining that this doesn't make sense. . . Congratulations, you have developed an insight about matters of the heart. Ultimately, they never make sense!

    • Lol I am not complaining just I feel this is complicated and unnecessary. I don't understand why someone would cause this much complication... But I guess I will never really know and have to deal with the stress of it till it plays out... :/

      Thanks for the help

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  • It's a combo of A and B.

    • It's a power thing and me ebbing the back up? Lol -_-

  • shouldn't they split it 50/50 in those cases?

    • We both pay 50/50 on every bill and always have even when dating... But I want to have the bills separated as in our Own names and not together. I can't even get him to go through things we bought together and divide it up -_-

      Men at least this one is complicated

  • Your in a bad spot, hope things get better for ya

  • He is your ex boyfriend, not your mate, anymore. He does not get to have fiscal benefits. He lost that when he broke up with you


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