How do you break no contact?

I've been no-contact with my ex for almost 10 months. I feel like breaking it and talking to him now. How do I break it while still sounding casual?


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  • You need something more than a dull "Hey how's it going?" text... they're awful.

    You want to bring up something positive from your past relationship.

    I would recommend something along these lines:

    "Hey, you remember that restaurant we got that super tasty chicken from? The peri-peri one? Which exit is it off the motorway?"

    Bare in mind you have to alter it to suit you and your ex... but these are better texts.

    What you expecting from a "Hey how are you?" kind of text when you haven't spoken for 10 months? "I'm OK" ... where does it go after that?

    • I spoke to him three months ago when he apologized for the breakup. After three weeks he disappeared again. Now he's back to stalking me. I don't think he's over me yet, and I know I miss him still.

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  • I have had no contact for almost a month next week and I'm so hurt he hasn't contact me at all and neither have I, I think its really over do u guys think ita over, nine year relationship


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  • Well you could start by liking and commenting on a post of his maybe?
    Or you could just phone him and say "hiiiii" ^. ^

    • He has been doing that to me! Liking my stuff. He sent me a snap chat last week, but I ignored it bc it was really random & by the time I got home from work, it had been 10hrs since he sent it O. o

    • @asker well he's already extending his hand out so just go ahead and message him saying hello. :)

    • he did this in January/February though and disappeared

  • "hello how's it goin? 8) "

  • You... contact?

    • I'm asking in what way & kinda what to say

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  • text him something like hey how have you been?


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