Is this what guys do to get rid of there Ex?

Last week I called my Ex to talk to him about my birthday we had plans for. Apparently my phone number was blocked so when he answered the phone he was mad. Why I don't know he's crazy. He started cussing me calling me werid and everything else. I felt disrespected and hung up on him I hadn't talk to him since then.

A week passes an it's my birthday! He texts me tell me to stop calling him block and not saying anything. I instantly thought wow! He knows it's my birthday and he hits me with this? Just say happy birthday ass hole. I haven't even attempted to call him since then an really was not going to on my birthday. I tell him it's my birthday just say happy birthday. He say he doesn't care and to stop calling. Then blocks me! Lol I just want to know why a person would go threw all that to try an ruin my day. I never even called him that's what's crazy. I called him drunk a few days later to ask him why he did that? He ignored me and started talking to a girl in the background. Like dude I just don't get why he feels the need to do that if he wants me to leave him alone which I have been doing! Then why put me threw bs just leave me alone!


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  • personally i'd block her from everywhere if she was makin my life a livin heelll, and only

    • That's what I thought too. He still answers my calls an contacts me. It's very annoying

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  • Ignore ignore! that's what you do.


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