Does this girl sound like she's got issues?

Old friend from high school. We'll best friend some shit happened. We hooked up like once in high school was awkward but things moved on. some shit went down and I disconnected her from my life she ended up having like a mental breakdown because of me. She's very smart and successful. Done with college and has a career at 22. The signs I think she's not all there.

She went on to tell me about ALL these guys htting on her. She wanted to get drunk with me when we met up the 2nd time Saturday at like 11 am noon. Went on to tell me she cried for like 10 months straight everyday when she broke up with her boyfriend. And now he's married. told me she gets obsessed with a guy when she starts gett I ng in a relationship. Needs to know what's he doing all the time etc .. said she's not satisfied with her job and hates it. Lives on her own in a studio apartment. Constantly tells me she's just doing her.. going out drinking a lot. I don't know if she sleeps around I don't think she does. But I know she's social very intelligent.

Anyways I want to hook up with her but hesitant to make a move because I know this could end up bad. I think she would want to hook up with me too.
Also said she wants to experiment with drugs.
Also has a lot of resentment for her parents.. they split when she was a kid. Dad won't even answer her calls. She hates her mom.


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  • She doesn't sound in a good place dude she's obviously just the same as a lot of us these days... bored and tried of nothing going the way we want it to, ever... then more and more charges and taxes... i don't blame her, but don't lead her on, if she asks to hang-out tell her no... don't take advantage of how down she's feeling right now, she isn't in the right mind frame to even be having hook-ups and she knows it, you have to be honest with her and tell her you just don't feel she is in the right mind frame or feeling good enough about her life with all these things occupying her mind, if nobody is honest with her about it then she's just going to keep spiraling, be a good man and give her the honesty she needs.

    • I just don't know if I'm overanalyzing this and she could be in a fine place.. if she is really that nonchalant and just wants to vibe and hookup here and there then I would be down for that.

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    • Yeah I guess. I'm notnin a good place either.. my 2 almost 3 year relationship ended 4 months ago. Experienced a lot of depression. But I have needs you know.. I need to start having sex again soon. Would you say having premiscuois sex with strangers is a better idea than sleeping with this girl?

    • Well... giving it up to people you don't love i don't really consider great on your self-esteem, i mean how many people who sleep around can say they don't feel some kind of guilt after? lol nobody can say that... then you start going over it in your mind for a while thinking maybe you shouldn't of done it just because you feel lonely and that your just re-bounding, that it's not a healthy way to react to a break-up or trying to fill that void of lonelyness, but you do it again, really not great to re-bound on others.

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  • Wow dude so I guess you prescribe to the belief crazy bitches are good lays? Why would you want to contribute to the crazy train she's crazy its who she is mabey your question should have been what's wrong with me that I would be willing to do that? Not judging but still.

    • I mean if she really is the layed back type to just hook up and vibe no messy relationship than that would be great.. I'm attracted to her. I wouldn't manipulate her feelings to get sex. That used to be me not anymore.

    • Well that's a releif OK well I guess you could try.

  • yeah sounds like she at least gets too easily attached, I'd say don't do it

    • Yeah I just got out of a two year relationship 4 months ago. I haven't had sex since then lol I'm getting pretty desperate

    • she really doesn't seem mentally stable... doesn't seem like a good idea to me...

  • she certainly does...

    • Think it's a bad idea to hook up?

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