What should I do about my ex bf?

He broke up with me about 3 months ago and it broke my heart but I told him I respected his decision and I left him alone but 2 days later he contacts me to say he still loves me but we're not meant to be together and hung up and after that I was left confused and hurt more so I tried to call and text. Him after asking "why" and "are you sure this is what you want" but he ignored me so I left him alone and tried to move on but then I get another call and he wanted to see me but he never did so I sent him a text telling him I never wanted to speak to him.

A month goes by and I get a call from him he just wanted to see how I was doing. After that I get a few more calls from him but last week he started to ask if I was seeing someone, and why am I still single, he asked me to send him a picture and he brought up the time me and him spent together and he said he wanted to come see me. He also said he still cares about me.

what should I do? Because I don't want to get hurt again, I feel like he might be playing mind games again.


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  • Don't date him, he is stupid. He kept trying to hurt you after he broke up with you and chances are his girlfriend that he dumped him and now he wants to get back together with you because he thinks you're still "crazy" about him. Please don't do it, he will probably just hurt you again.


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  • he's playing with you!


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