Girls, Has any female here ever had an ex boyfriend break up with you and then try to come back?

If so, how long did it take?
Did you take him back?
Did he come straight out and ask you OR slowly start initiating contact?


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  • Yeah, my ex did that. It took him a little over 6 months to apologize and ask for a second chance. He did it by asking straight up...

    I didn't take him back. After we broke up, I went completely no contact. Block/deleted him, didn't say hi to him or any of his friends we'd I'd see them around at the gym, school, the bar on weekends. He cheated on me and after we were done, I was a mess but eventually, in hindsight saw that the relationship was no good. Almost toxic, the whole way through.


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  • Hi

    My ex and i broke up once and he came back to me after 2 weeks
    that only apply if he really and truly in love with you..

    and yes i did take him back and he start initiating slowly...

    you just have to be patient and not expect so much on that i guess... at that point of time i was devasted too..

    • Me and my man were together nine years and it has been almost a month next week that I have done the no contact, do u guys think we still have a chance? Or is it just over? I miss him but I refuse to break, I just pray he hasn't fallen in love with someone else it hurt so bad

  • Yes, but don't go back. He broke up with you the first time for a reason. So the second time won't change that reason.

  • Yeah. I didn't take him back.


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