Can I still get back with my ex?

We have been together for 4 years and last month she decided to call it quits, I won't lie up until now I have been trying to get in contact with her, I am giving her space now but we where practically a long distance relationship for a very long time and we never got to meet. We broke up because she felt that the love was there, but the other issues aside from that where too much for her and we had to break up because it was for the best. But I promised her I would go see her she lives in China and I live in the USA, I am still going to keep my promise even if she wants to see me or not as I am going to be teaching English there next year. I want to show her that things are not as tough as they should of been in real life than it had to be online. She based her "final" decision because she apparently gave me too many chances, and I do not know what she means by this I don't feel that chances should be given they should be earned, don't get me wrong I still respect her as a woman and everything but I realized I made a huge mistake because she messaged me and said she can not see us together ever again. I just want to know if it is possible for a second chance to be earned with this person, what makes it even more weird is that I am going to be living in the same city she is, and it is pretty small. Does anybody have any idea what to do besides "moving on" and "forgetting" as these words are not part of my vocabulary. I made a very original piece of music for her and I gave it to her as her birthday present and she really loved it, she also said she would like to talk, just not now. It is really hard to show how much you really care for the person through the internet, thats why I am going over there to fulfill my promise as I believe every promise should be kept, even if it isn't under the same circumstances.
At this point there is really nothing for me to lose, as I can accept the fact she will no longer want to be in any relation but I will break off any contact with her for a few months until she adds me to chat again. This doesn't mean I don't want to try she is an amazing person, I just wish she could see my changes and tell her that actions speak louder than words.
she said she would like to see me, when I get there.


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  • go for it man!


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  • so if she still keep rejectin u... wouldn't u consinder "moving on" an option? :)


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  • You should send her a video of yourself jacking off


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