How to get back your ex after breaking up and he's blocking you on whatsapp and calls?


My boyfriend (ex) and i dated for about 1yr7months already and recently we just broke up (about one week)
This is the second time we broke up but we did reconcile back tgt from the first breakup but this time i'm lost and confused as he block me on whatsapp and calls.

the root of our breakup is because of part my hot-tempered and his work pressure..
I'm very regret with my action and what i did and now i really want him back and to fix thing but i doesn't know what to do..
What exaclty happen was there something happen at his work place (regular/army) and he was very depressed and he literally shut me off after making me wait for the whole day..

So 2 days of the breakup, i did call him and talk abit the way he told me things was making me confused, firstly he told me he needed space and time to think and stuff... then after that he told me about clean break... then he ask me move on.. so i had no choice but to agree with the moving on and after i agree he told me that "when are we going to contact again" (before that i told him dont have to be so mean after a breakup, we could still be friends) then he idky he ask me when are we going to contact again and i told him that maybe after we had move on.. he then told me that what if we can't move on... which i stupidly said we dont know whats gonna happen in future! so in other words, he said he wanted space and time > clean break> move on> and then ask me what if we can't move on..

He did mention about giving each other time and space and maybe willl come back one day (tgt)

I really dont know what is he thinking.. any advise guys?
because after the phone call, he is still blocking me at whatsapp and calls...

its been a week since the breakup...
i do want him back and its my mistake that causes this breakup
Any advise how i could get him back?


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  • Well I said the same thing to my ex today she broke up with me about two weeks ago. I asked her on a date and she said i'm okay for now. She has been calling and texting me lately so she keeps sending me mixed signals. He is probably like me trying to no contact you for the sole purpose of making you miss him, but you already do miss him and want him back. So just tell him that and don't make him like me going crazy about what to do and save him the heartache just ask him out.

    • but the thing is now his having work pressure ( solve it already not im not sure)
      and he block me at whatsapp and calls..

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    • I don't know it may be different because he blocked you and you have to give him space. For me I love my ex and didn't want her to breakup with me. So I wish she would ask me but instead she tell me how happy she is reconnecting with old friends and how some guys are flirting with her. Would you try and make your ex jealous? If so is that what she's doing to me but makes no sense considering she turned me down on a date and said not now but possibly in the future.

    • my ex love me too but I don't know whats holding him back:/

      Usually when one party make their partner jealous by that is to gain their attention and see whether they still love him/her..
      but for your case i also had no idea why she done that...

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  • You go on with your life without him. I can almost guarantee he'll unblock you at some point. It may seem like he never will, but he will. Just be patient. Don't beg him, don't go running to him. Wait him out. Best of luck.

    • Guess that's the only option i have for now :/

    • I know it isn't easy, but you got this.

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  • give him time and space, so he will miss you.

    my ex, he used to do that whenever we break up..
    because of fights, and i would call and text him all the time

    but not this time its for reals bc there's third party involve.
    and he blocked me on ig and facecbook.
    its been a week now since the break up, i haven't contact him since then

    if its meant to be, it will happen

  • Pretend you don't want him back, don't make yourself look desperate

    • how do i pretend when he block me on whatapps :/

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