Guys, he hasn't spoke to me since the break up why has he even bothered to text me atal with this ? Pointless message which I haven't replied to ?

he's assuming I've lied about something and tell me if i text he won't reply. No need. Why would u bother

I hope your well.

I need you to know I don't hate or dislike you in any way and never will, I know there's been lies been stuff withheld etc... I know it and I don't want to cast it up.

I just want you to know I've never deleted nor blocked your number. I've purposely not replied as I lve been so hurt. I don't want to talk nor ever want to talk about all our episodes ever again.

I just want u to know i will always love u, will always remember the amazing times and not the bad ones.

I know u feel I've been harsh/unfair etc etc. but I did what I had to do. I won't text nor reply so to be clear and set expectations if u do reply, I just had to say what I've said... Don't ask me why I just felt the need.

All the best cheeky x


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  • its called closure, its a thing most men appreciate and many women never give.

    • But he knows howni was and hurt and didn't want the break up feel its pretty cruel. I've een getting on with it and trying to move on. That just pt the spanner in the works totally dont agree with it xxx

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    • i dont know about him but i never listen to my voice messages hahahaha

    • He does thats why a left it. No point and txting because u can never say it the way u mean it in a text

  • was this his message?


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