Still can't sleep at night 4 months after breakup?

I wanted to marry her eventually and she backed out of moving out last minute. J didn't treat her the best I guess
Was more of a clueless asshole than intentional. Anyways I poured my heart out and she still didn't want me back. I look so n out of shape. Can't sleep. Dtarting school at 22 because I lost my job the same time. gamy is filing bankruptcy. Been isolated for these 4 months Working odd jobs not knowing anyone. no confidence what so ever. I can't sleep more than 5 hous usually.. this normal?


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  • Nope. Not normal at all. Slap yourself, pick up your bootstraps, and move on. You can't do this every time a girl does this to you. Next time don't be a clueless asshole.

    • Just everything happened at once.

    • Then I can see how it could be overwhelming and you need time to process. I think you've had enough though.

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  • It sounds normal... as things pick up on the work side' that's one point' as far as the break up part, go to YouTube type jiddu Krishna murti ( I long to be loved) that should help... a lot.


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