What do I do next I want her back?

I dated a girl for a year, we were best friends for 3 years before that but 6 months in she had to to move 2 hours away for financial reasons but was suppose to come back after a few months but instead she got involve with this other guy and left me for him. He is a total loser and a thug who has lied and cheated on her countless times and he has now moved about an hour and a half away from her and has started flirting with and talking to other girls in his new town and so she broke up with him and we have been talking for a few days now. My question is how do I convince her to give me another chance she says she still loves him even though he called her every mean sexist name there is when she broke up with him because of his games. She won't talk to me much she says she going to call me then decides not to and declines my calls and she comes to visit home where we met and says she will see me but then rushes back before I can see her saying she can't see me face to face yet I hate being yanked around but I do love her and want her back and I am 1000 times better than him she admits I am much better for her than him I nevr lied or cheated or showed any intrest in anyone else but her, I love her and only her so what do I do I know the only reason she won't see me or talk to me much is because she is afraid to fall for me again but why wouldn't she want to fall for me again I could make her forget this prick but she says she's not sure if she wants to work on it with him or not but she broke it off with him I don't get it.


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  • Ok, honestly you seem like a nice guy and if this girl isn't getting what your putting down then you dont deserve her. But if you do really want her back and you feel there is no one else for you then go for it. If i was that girl that you were going after i would want you too just text me or come up to me and just say hey, i still really love you and want to be with you, please take me back or say something cute and mushy like that. So ya... thats my advice, hope it helps! :)

    • All my friends say she doesn't deserve me I am a lot different than anyone she's ever been with all the guys she been with were cheaters and abusers but I have always need good to her never let her down I was there for her when she was in the hospital while this guy was out cheating on her.

    • this girl sounds like she had a bad at home life as a kid. she isn't used to having a caring person in her life and so when someone is going through something they normally go what their used to, and she is prob used to abuse and lying, so thats where she goes. trust me, she will go to you, it may be tomorrow it may be in 10 years but i promise it WILL happen

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  • hmmm if u never broke up, then y she wouldn't want u?


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  • just wait for her to get over him.

    • I'm afraid she will work it out with him she says she wants to marry him he's only 20 she's 30 it's no wonder he acts like this he's a player who wants all he can get should I continue trying to talk to her and see her or just stop contacting her I'm afraid she will go back to him if I do.

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