Exes behavior has changed significantly in the past couple of months, what "might" this mean?

When my ex and I were together he was very irresponsible when it came to paperwork and follwing up on things. Him and I have been apart for 5 months now and we share a child together. Him and I see each other about once a week. When he first broke up with me he would not talk to me or even make conversation much less acknowledge my very existence. As you may have predicted I took the break up really bad and in the beginning I'd call, text and do everything to get back together with him

About 2 months into breakup I just stopped initiating contact and would not attempt to call him etc. I'd say I've noticed that in April is when he started to attempting to make small talk with me. He would ask me rhetorical question like if he was late and now when we meet to exchange our son he is there early. When we meet he actually talks to me and is trying to take care of my son's health insurance which in the past he would have procrastinated. He also has been late several times on meeting up so he seems to be making an effort.

His mother also intiates contact with me almost as if she wants to continue to keep me in her life. On an occasion when her, my son, and I went to lunch she was saying how she prays that things work out for us, so she seems to be very much for reconcilation. I also think that she is scared sh*tless due to the fact that in the past when we've broken up she has seen me act very needy and this time around (after some time) she is wondering why I am not calling her talking about her son or why I'm not reaching out to him.

I've have also noticed that when my ex sees me he acts happy to see me which is strange. He even wished me a happy Mother's Day and just a few months before he would not say a word. He pretty much would knock on the door, I'd answer it and then he'd have his back turned and drop my son off.


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  • Maybe he's gotten more serious about maintaining a good relationship with you for your son's sake. Sometimes it takes people awhile to realize that they need to get along for their children.


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  • guess he wants 2 follow his mother's wishes?

    • maybe so. only time will tell.

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