My girlfriend (ex) won't give me closure?

she blocked me on facebook after weekly arguments so after 6 days of no contact i texted her about my kids welfare she replied maybe we engage about 7-10 text messages then after a day i miss her i asked her why she won't explaine to me why she won't give closure and i texted her hor much i love her i am a jerk sorry for all i said then nothing... i got pissed i texted her again i wana know if she wants this relationship save or not or just tell me straight that we are over... i didn't get any reply :( i need a closure so i can be publicly look and love another woman... why won't she answer about it but when about my kids she replied?
may 19th she blocked me on facebook... but on June 8th after no contact she unblocked me why?


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  • They're your kids - you have the right to have a relationship with them even if your romantic relationship with your ex is over.

    I think blocking you and ignoring your messages is very clear. She doesn't want to try to save the relationship. She doesn't owe you an explanation and you probably won't get one.


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  • She's a bitch, there's your closure.


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  • because she doesn't really care about you...


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