Break up but my ex still snap chats?

My Boyfriend and I broke up last week and he snap chats me indiviualy but i can also see his story. There have been a few times where i want to screen shot his snap chat from the story or the ones he sends me indviualy but i don't beacue i think it'll look weird and stuff. i don't know some of the ones he sends me idvidually are pretty flirty and make me wanna text him and see what he's thinking about us in a way but i know thats bad.. any ideas on this and he'll snap me songs that are heartbroken break up songs and then he'll snap me pics of him looking really suductive and i really don't know what to do and i have sent him back some but i just really don't know what to do. and as sad as it may sound id be okay with just hooking up with him for now until we figure out where things are going to go with us.


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  • Who broke up with who?

    If you broke up with him then he obviously wants you back

    If he broke up with you he may just be trying to stay friends... or keep in touch in case you guy want a booty call

    • he broke up with me but it had a lot to do with his army training and friends

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  • he's not over you.


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  • so he hasn't got over u yet... would u ever give him another chance?

    • yea i would give him another chance in a heart beat and not even think twice about it.

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