Why does my ex keep lying?

He broke up with me 3 months ago and he contacted me for the first 2 months after the break up and would switch from talking like a friend to telling me he still loves me and wants to see me, but I got tired of the lies so I told him that I never wanted to speak to him ever again.

A month goes by without him trying to contact me, but one day when I check my phone I notice I had 2 missed calls from him and a text saying "Hey" and I tried to call him back but he didn't answer and so I texted him but he didn't reply so I just left him alone. 10 days later he calls me to see how I'm doing, and then 7 days later another call asking how I'm doing. Then this past week he calls me to see how I'm doing and he asked if why I'm still single because I'm beautiful and he asked me to send him a picture and he said he still cared.

He then asked if he could come see me so we could hang out, but I have a feeling he won't come and I don't want to text or call him to ask because in the past he has ignored me.

Is he playing games with me?


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  • guess u should give him a chance... it's not bad :)


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  • I don't want to dig too deep but what is the exact reason you guys broke up? Did he cheat because if he did, then don't take him back. He's might be playing games but you never know. He never replies to your calls and texts but only replies on his own time. How does that make you feel? Do what your heart says. And your mind. If your mind and heart are telling you to stay away, then stay away. Your body knows you best.

    • We broke up because he was acting distant and I brought it up and he said he needed time to think then he broke up with me through a text by saying he didn't love me and didn't want to be with me, but a few days later he called me to say he still loved me.

    • Oh no then. He acted distant in the first relationship. He's being distant now. He said he didn't love you through TEXT. I'm sorry for saying this but he's a wimp. He didn't come face to face to tell you something but TEXTS a few days later to say he still loved you. Maybe there was a relationship that didn't work as well as he thought and he probably thought you would come crawling back. Be the Big Boss and leave his sorry behind, behind.

    • Thanks you helped a lot ☺️

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  • Is he that sort of person? also look at your relationship, I mean he is an ex for a reason


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  • He's playing games!!


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