Why is my ex messaging me?

Me and my ex broke up last year in march (he dumped me) then in July we started talking again and were friends and it was nice. In November he asked me to date again but I said no I can't im sorry (because he did not like me for me and use to play with mh head) so we moved on he never got back in touch and I am now with someone. But yesterday I got on the bus and him and his friend got on I felt so awkward they kept looking at me I pretended like I did not see him. When I got home he started to message me again asking how r me and my boyfriend and how he's been single since me I felt uncomfortable messaging him because I felt like I was cheating so I told my boyfriend and he told me not to message him because he's trying to win me back. Is this true was he only messaging me because he wants me back?


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  • Yes he misses you but that doesn't mean he loves you it depends how long and how hard he'll fight for you but yea he wants you back he could care less about your current boyfriend he's probably hoping he will fuck up & you can cry on his shoulder type ish if your happy with your current boyfriend listen to what he said & leave your ex in the past

    • Thank u I will I dontvwant to mess this up

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