I like my ex boyfriend's best friend.

I've been secretly seeing my ex-boyfriend's best friend for about 2 months now. We really like each other and when we're out at the mall or the movies we always hold hands and act like a couple. I know that both of us want to be together but we think it'll cause too much drama. First of all, my ex boyfriend broke up with me after cheating on me... twice. But my ex best friend liked the guy that I'm talking to and they kissed a couple of time and then at this party I ended up making out with him and she found out and we haven't talked since.. it's been 2 months. Now, since then, I've chilled with this guy almost every day and we're getting pretty serious while still being secretive. My ex best friend moved out of state, and all of my old friends are still p*ssed that I'm talking to this guy. I don't know what I should do.. I don't want to lose this guy, I'm falling for him really hard. But I can't do anymore of this secretive stuff. I've been asked out by like 6 different guys because everyone thinks that I'm single What should I do? Should I continue doing things secretively? Should I break it off if he's not willing to be official even though we're both going to lose friends? I need help.


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  • Well, go for him


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