Girls, have you ever broke up with your boyfriend to get him to change some things to test him?

My ex told me I depended on her for happiness too much, and that she didn't like how I told her not to hangout with a couple people. I had reasons, but regardless she told me after she brokeup with me that she was happy rekindling old friendships. I have been working on those things and I have told her this. All the old issues she said why she left I've fixed the majority of them. Is she testing to see if I better myself first and then she'll come back?

Also we brokeup about 2 weeks ago, and haven't seen each other in 3. So after awhile she sees that I'm happy without her, don't get jealous, and don't make the same mistakes will she want me back? She said she wants to hangout soon and talk, but not about getting back together. She also said when I asked her out not right now meaning she is still testing me before she will go on a date?
I will add she calls me sometimes early like 3 or 4am. So those are signs of her missing me. That's why it seems like she still wants me but for me to make those changes first. I also don't text her anymore I let her text me which she does every couple days or calls late at night.


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  • I'm going through almost the same thing , and it could be a test , after reading this I think mine is the same situation, anyways you have a good advantage because she wants to talk , when you tell her about your changes PROVE them to her tell her you excepted who you were then buts not what your becoming. Be vunrable. Be the you, you want to be and she will see that. But you have to mean it.


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