Girls, A question regarding falling out of love?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me because she "fell out of love," she said it happened over time and she had feelings with one of her friends at the same time she started to fall out of love. After we broke up only about 2 weeks later they started dating. I saw her and she told me everything. I stopped talking I her for like 2 weeks and I called her, we were together for 6 years hip to hip. Not a single day we didn't at least talk. Perfect relationship. When I talked to her she said, in not in a relationship, I asked why. She said because I miss you too much, in not ready for a relationship and I don't want to be in one. I asked her, can we see each other then, or maybe even just talk? She said no its too soon, and that if we were to talk and stuff we'd get back together and it wouldn't be good. She then said at one point that she would like to talk casually one day. 2 weeks after that conversation I found out she slept over that guys she likes house. I guess what im asking is if she fell out of love, or wants to test her feelings? It's been two months now since we broke up, I keep freakin contacting her trying to rationalize her feelings, I need to stop, and let her miss me too right? Then maybe throw her a text in like a month casually?


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  • No you shouldn't text her in a month. In fact you shouldn't text her ever till the day she comes back to you. She dumped you. She decided she doesn't want you. You crawling back to her and giving her attention all the time is basically you rewarding her for not wanting to be with you. The one who does the dumping is the one who has the responsibility of going back to their ex. NOT the other way around. You're only doing damage by contacting her and in fact you run the risk of her losing respect for you because she'll think you don't have a life outside of her. So yes, you need to stop and make her miss you but that will require a lot of space and no contacting her first.

    She will NOT fall back in love with you because you keep texting her. The only way her feelings can be ignited is if she decides to do this herself. It's a decision she will have to make, not you.

    • Wow, well said. Today, like an idiot I straight tried to rationalize with her about how real our relationship was and that i think you can find happiness if we tried again. Obvious mistake. She said no and that she doesn't love me and doesn't want to be with me, i really do love her, and im scared that since we kinda bickered for the first time in any conversation we had after the breakup, and probably the most truthful, im afraid i may have ruined any chance i ever had, i know she respects me to death no matter what, honestly, she really does. She actually said she doesn't judge me because she knows i wouldn't judge her. its now almost two months apart. If I know with all my heart that our relationship was true in every sense, there is still a chance in her heart that she will love me right?

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    • I promise my last one. Before she ended that relationship with the friend she said she cares about him a lot. But yet stopped the relationship to weeks later saying she wasn't ready for a relationship and didn't want to be in one. Because she missed me so much (not like that she says) Doesn't that make him a rebound? However now they might be together because she slept over. Doesn't this completely ruin any chance that stands for me tho? I mean he was one "reason" she fell out of love with me, guessing its the new and exciting attention she enjoyed. I knew him and I can say safely say he's half the man I am.

    • However I don't think she is in a relationship only because she did say she doesn't want to be in one for like months because she's gonna me me for like "6 mo"

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