My buddy's upset over a girl I warned him about... Any suggestions on how to cheer him up?

He kinda fell hard. She pretended she did cuz he bought her things. Now he's really upset and feels like it's his fault :/

Please don't suggest anything weird


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  • Everyone wants to believe deep down the person they fall for has the same feelings for them. It really sucks that he got played like that it's not all his fault though. Yes he was warned and obviously should have listened but that is all hindsight, he saw something in her and really believed she wasn't that kind of person. If anything he has a good heart and was far better than she deserved ( which I'm sure you've already told him lol).

    • Yep I've definitely been trying to tell him that :) He really went out of his way to help her with anything :/

    • I do hope he comes around soon though after a blow like that his self esteem is going to be tanked.

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  • If he was warned and didn't listen then let him deal with getting over her on his own. It may sound cold but in all honesty he got what he had coming. I have tried to warn friends that they were playing with fire too but some insist on getting burned

    • Yeah well, she was his first girlfriend so, I can understand some of his hopefulness and ignorance...

    • Yea that
      Would make it more difficult then

  • Give yu a hug :*

  • give him a hug :)


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