How can you get a response?

me and my ex dated for 6 years we broke up about 3 months ago and he is dating someone else. I still believe that there is hope but i would just at least like to get on speaking terms any advice?


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  • You can only reach out to him and see if he's willing to speak to you. His new girlfriend might not like that and if not the best thing to do is to give him his space and let him be happy in his relationship and try to move on. It's not the easiest thing, but the best.


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  • Do you know the reason for the break up? That's a big way to tell if you would even get respond if you reached out. But if you have hope what more could you lose? The most he's gonna say is no.. And being girls we have to be the ones to do it because guys are too stubborn.


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  • If he messed up and has moved on , You should do the same. Most people don't change in 3 months.


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