If your ex says this?

If your ex says that they are good with being alone for now, and that they are happy, how do you take that? Do you take it at face value, and believe they're just happy? Or do you take it to mean that they are not moving on because they're pining for you? I think my ex thinks I'm pining.


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  • I would take it at face value and think he is happy to be on his own.


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  • I take it as they're happy without me and don't want me back. I'm in the same situation so I know that might sound blunt but you have to just accept it because if they were pining for you they would be begging you to come back, not pretending they're happy.

    • No, I think he thinks I'm pining for him.

    • Oh as in you're telling him you're happy without him, I was thinking of it the other way around. It's probablt wishful thinking because he's still pining after you.

    • Yeah, I pretty much told him I was good with him, and I'm good without him. I still love him, but no good is gonna come of sitting around crying over what I've lost. Life goes on, I choose to be happy.

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  • I take it as I am moving on for sure


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