It hurts to know/realize that I was probably just a rebound? how do I deal with this?

We dated for 3 months. There were some signs that got my brow raising in the beginning. He wanted to be exclusive so quick, he was excited being an US. Not to mention, he just got out of a 5 year relationshp last year of April. I was asking him about his dating life after that, and he rebounded with 2 girls after. and I was the 3rd but he made me his girlfriend and we did things together.

I broke it off May 5th, he didn't take my apologies and instead got with a new girl in less than a wekk. A new girl whom Im not jealous of by the way, because she's so basic, and is a downgrade, literally. I kid you not.

I don't know whether to feel sorry for him or not. But it hurts to know that the whole time we were together, was he just using me to fill a void, and lying to me, and telling me things I wanna hear?


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  • You were never a rebound. You just to accept that he has moved on, and found someone else. He is moving on with his life. So you should do the same. That's what you call life. Sometimes in life, relationships just don't work out.

    Yes it going to hurt, someone doesn't return what you give to them, but that's living in the real world, it's cruel and cold place out there. So you have to be clever and be on your game.

    When you get into relationships, getting hurt is part of it, there is no running away from it. Don't play the game of sweaty palms young lady. You just have to be strong enough to deal with it. If you can't deal with getting hurt, that I suggest you consider staying single.

    Life is choice young lady.

    • Start living your life, by enjoying the time with your friends, find other men you can have a good time. And start focusing on your future. You are just wasting your life on this guy? Ask yourself this question, if you were to die tomorrow, how would you feel about yourself about wasting this time on your ex? is he really worth it? You have life, one silly guy is not really worth getting that upset over. Get it into skull, its time to move and enjoy your life, and enjoy the people the love you, and want you in their lives.

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    • That how it sometimes works in relationship. But look at the bright side, it was only 3 months, not 20 years. Your still young, so you have lots of time to still play. I am glad, your doing well. Well if the pain is going, its a good sign, means you are moving on now.

      The pain going away, means your mind and body don't want him there anymore.

    • you can accept it, you are just making it hard for yourself. You are living in denial. If you accept something, then you can move on a lot easier. You are punishing yourself.

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  • Why did you get together with him in the first place? Gotta be more careful girl. He might really liked you, but it doesn't matter. He is a wild card right now, dating around, and unfortunately you got caught in the middle. You should be happy you got out without serious emotional investment. No need to feel sorry, you said yourself, he downgraded, which means all he wanted was a VJJ. Move on and be happy!

    • it's not that easy because I really liked him. but yeah I need to be careful next time.

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  • u should understand that many people seek for rebounds after breakin-ups... :)


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