I can't stop thinking about my super hot ex?

We broke up officially in November because I saw a picture of him with another girl and he basically told me to mind my own business. He rarely talked to me and whenever he did the topic was always sex. I never even wanted him as a boyfriend in the first place! All I wanted, and excuse my thot language, was to hit it a few times and quit it. It was him who wanted me to be his girlfriend and trusting him I said yes. Even though we ended things I still want him! I mean he might be one thing most beautiful men I've ever seen. But the way we left things off is so awkward, I doubt he would ever want anything to do with me again, even sex! I'm to scared to contact him. Should I just move on and if so how? Help!


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  • do u see someone else now? if not, i believe it deserves givin it a try :)


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  • just text him!


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  • Sounds like a playa !


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