If someone says they are gunna dissappear for a while that means they are breaking up with you right?

She said she was depressed because she broke her leg. . . Not because of me. She said she was gunna dissappear for a while. I blocked her on everything and I will not be here for her when she comes back. Is that bad? I'm a grown man and I have done everything to make her happy so her to shut me out is fucked up. I'm not gunna play games.

I did the right thing right?


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  • I feel like maybe you acted a bit impulsively when blocking her but it's clear it was out of frustration, as for if you did the right thing I think it's a good step in getting over it and moving on. Plus if her excuse is a broken leg and you claiming to try you're best to make her happy, she must be kind of selfish to just "end?" it with "I'm gonna disappear" like wtf really the more I think about this the more pissed off i get. Fuck her, you can do better to find a girl that will show since regard for you and your time. Hope this helped.


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  • move on, she can reap what she had sown, when she can walk again.

    • Haha thanks. I missed work to stay the night at the hospital with that fucking gash.

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  • Sounds almost like an excuse. If she wanted it, not much you can do. If she wants you she will come running back to you

    • Thanks man. I don't really know what to make of it but we are done forever. This weekend I'm gunna burn all of her shit.

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