Boyfriend broke up with me?

My boyfriend and I just broke up this morning and decided to be friends. Then 2 hours ago, seems like he's trying to get back with me. Wtf. What's with him?


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  • If the breakup was in anger or like a heat of the moment kind of thing, he probably cooled down and thought over it all. Now he is regretting and trying to get back.

    If the breakup seemed like it was calm and collected, he is still regretting it but had at least been thinking about it before hand. Getting back together with him in this case will most likely result in another break up soon.

    In any case, he is regretting the decision and now you hold the power of the relationship in your hands. Do with it what you will.


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an EX who still Marks an X in both of your softie spots, it's just a matter of time when those three little words come about in many cases With-----Let's be friends.
    However, with This, there's also motive in mind when the other half could have had this change of heart on behalf of this Part with another motive in mind. He could be Missing the Kissing and with friends till the end, he could also be realizing there wouldn't be much cozy and comfort on his own end, so this could be his reason of the season for... Trying to get back with me.
    In lamen's terms, he could be not really wanting to get hooked at the hip so much but just want a Friends with benefits factor right now. Don't be so quick to wear your heart on your sleeve until you see exactly just what he has on his mind here, dear.
    And of course it could benefit you if you want to get back together and he really would really just... Want to be trying to get back with me.
    Good luck. xx


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