Would you go back to her?

She's your first and greatest love, longest partner, but you two did not get along. You had similar goals but seriously bumped heads when it came to conflict resolution. You broke up with her; and it was pretty bad. You loved her so much but needed to let her go.

A year goes by and no other girl catches your eye the same way.

Would you rekindle things with your ex?


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  • Unless there is some reason to believe that the problems that led to the breakup have been resolved or can now be resolved, I would not try to go back. I have tried that a few times. In each instance, it hurt and left me back at square one in healing and moving on from it.

  • probably not, I'd have to have sum things happen between us that would show me that we would get along better, if you don't get along then your love isn't going to last


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