How do I break it off with a very loving boyfriend?

So me and my boyfriend have been together and living with each other for 4 months (yes it was way to soon) and speaking everyday for the three months leading up. Before our "official" he knew i liked leading a carefree life and didn't like the idea of being tied down but gave me an ultimatum after finding out i jad hooked up with my ex (this was a week before said ultimatum and making i official). I was in a bad place emotionally and already knew i had feelings for him so i took the plunge.. we say our i love yous etc and i do love him but he is not the one and it breaks my heart. We fight, i threatened to leave last week and he said all types of nasty stuff including the fact he was going to kill himself and leave a note saying i made him do it. Obviously we worked it out but a week later im finding myself feeling the same. I live two hours away from family and all my belongings are with us and as of now i have no money or means of moving it asap (would have to as he has threatened to kick me and all my stuff out of anything happened previously). Now, im no angel either but i would never hold that over somebody. He is a bigger boy with his dream girl and i have no issues with that but i know itd kill him if i leave, it would break his heart but i dont want to live a lie or settle for someone i dont feel the connection i know im suppose to. Im also worried about the backlash from his family. Advice please?


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  • just be honest with him.

    • Thays not very helpful..

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