Is he feeling guilty? Answers please?

I'll make this short and sweet. My ex finished with me around a year ago and didn't really give me a reason why.. although he had jealousy problems. For the first 6 months we had on and off contact when I saw him out and we got into a few arguments and have been through quite a lot. Since then we haven't spoken in around 5 months. I saw him out the other day with another girl and he was all over her, kissing etc when he was right next to me. I was stood at the bar and he came and stood right next to me with her. I acted completely oblivious to all of this. Few days after he comes into my work to shop, I tried to avoid him but ended up walking straight into him, I snuck a glance at him and he straight away looked down and kind of shuffled past me. It was obviously uncomfortable for both of us so why did he come into the place I work? I saw him a week before this happened when he came into my work but those 2 times are the only times I've seen him there. Is he feeling guilty or ashamed or was he just trying to avoid me eye contact with me? Thanks!


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  • guess he feels guilty... but wouldn't he apologize?


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