Help with ex and breakup?

me and my ex dated for six years lived together were happy had a home and planned to get married. Three years ago I made a terrible mistake, left and ended up with another man in what turned out to be an emotionally abusive relationship with a complete narcissist. Over this period my ex contacted me telling me he missed me still and was finding things tough. I really really missed him to and our life together but felt trapped with other and almost afraid of him. I still cannot get over my ex and hate myself for what I have done. I miss him and think about him every day and recently have found out he is planning to get married. Despite this a month before his engagement he contacted me to ask how I was. This news has completely destroyed me and I don't know what to do. I don't know whether I should try one last time to contact him and tell him how I feel and that I still love him. I made the biggest mistake of my life and lost my best friend (him). I recognise this is all my fault and I deserve it but I can't move on. I may leave the country as I don't think I could stay and watch him marry someone else. Any help appreciated
I did get back to him and he never replied don't know why he contacted me then if he had no feelings and wasn't going to reply :/


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  • can u ger back 2 him at least?

  • He probably contacted you and told you about his marriage on a friendship basis. Not to add insult to injury but this is typical women logic, wherein you had everything anyone could ask for and you threw it away for an asshole. All you can do now is move on now and wish him the best.


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