Why does my ex keep doing this, is he taking advantage of me?

so im 18 and my ex is 20, we have been together for 2 years but within that 2 years we have broke up three times now, the third being a week ago. we was eachothers first EVERYTHING and we had a really fun happy loving relationship when were together, we both believe its very special and that we are soulmates, he was my bestfriend and weve been through a lot together. the first time we split was because we argued, the second because he became very ill, and the third which happened a week ago was because he said he wants freedom and to be single. he always tells me if he ever has a girlfriend it will be me and that even when weve broke up before he thought about me 24/7 and no other girls come close, I've always easily let him come back into my life, we broke up on good terms and he said im amazing and he loves me more then the world but he wants to be single at this age, i checked his snapchat today and he was with a girl but it doesn't bother me because everytime weve broke up he starts seeing a girl straight away, he unfollowed me on social media which he didn't do in the past however my twitter isn't private and he can see my snapchats but doesn't open them, we haven't spoke for a week. he normally asks for me back after about 2 months i dont contact him at all im too stubborn, he realises how much of a mistake he made and he loves me and can't get over me, but im so scared that this time will be different, i do really love him but im scared he will go forever, or maybe he just thinks he can pick me up and drop me whenever he wants, i think he's adamant to forget me this time its not like last, but the last time he was even more adamant, we had a few arguments but i was really good to him and he was to me until the end, im not depressed like the past times but i think its because i expect that us getting back together is inevitable, please help me and give me advice, what should i do? im scared he won't come back this time, but he always does because what we have


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  • I think the only thing you can do is move on. It's not fair for him to expect you to wait around for him while he enjoys the single life and hooks up with other girls

    • i dont want to tho, i really love him and want him to come back to me.

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  • This guy is using you, he is dangling a carrot in front of your knose just to keep you around in case this other girl don't work out. You need to respect yourself a bit more and realise that its him that's going to lose out, not you and move on and make yourself available for someone who is worthy of you and not some bum who thinks your desperate and would never get anyone but him. This guy is a loser, so go get someone who deserves your talents, x

  • If he doesn't come back, doesn't seem like a bad thing seeing how he wants you and to see other girls. Why don't you fund yourself another guy?

    • just because he's my first everything and i love him so much, i dont want anyone else, do you think he will come back

  • is he seein someone else now? r u interested gettin back to him?

    • he's not seeing anyone, he always starts to date random girls straight after me but we both know he never cares or likes any of them, he tells me he uses them to try and get over me and it never ever works and no one compares to me, and yes i am i love him we are eachothers first love.

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    • good point but i just dont want to, i done it last time and being on a date with another boy made me feel really shitty and miss him even more, what do you think will happen.

    • i just really like to have an outside opinion, maybe he just thinks he can have me whenever he wants.

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