I don't know what to do anymore?

so recently my boyfriend and i mutally agreed that being together wasn't the best thing for us. Although the reasoning is completely understandable, its still a break up nonetheless and its been way more difficult to get over than expected. He was truly my best friend. i kinda feel thats a very "weak" term to describe him as but we'll go with that.
readjusting to life without him has been so difficult. Im so upset that he's handling this way better than me. im a mess.
i feel so empty now that he's gone, I've lost my motivation to do things. I dont find hanging out with other people appealing bc it almost feels as if im faking friendships with them. I try to keep myself occupied during the day but i always end up thinking how fun everything would be if he was with me. This loneliness is really taking its toll on me. what hurts the most is that he tells me that he's been good and hasn't had the time to miss me, which is painful to hear. i dont know what to do anymore. im tired of being sad but its overtaken my life completely.
we are friends, but very distant friends. unless i make the first move we won't hang out or talk much


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  • Hope this helps. The pain is suppose to be there, also the feelings of emptiness and the "it's never gonna get better" attitude.

    But it does get better. You will feel like you can't do anything without him but the fact is you can and you probably have. You may not believe it now but you have it in you to move on.

    Meanwhile here are some things you could do to help pass this phase: Number one is to cut all contacts with him. Dunno if it's true or not but he did say he doesn't miss you, right? Right. So just get rid of all things connected to him… or put it somewhere that's hard to access. Like a swamp. With gators. Lots and lots of gators.

    Number two is to do chores. Getting into routines will actually give you a feeling that everything is working in order. What happens when the blues hit you while you're doing stuff? Then you can either plow through or stop and cry about it.

    Which brings us to number three. Cry, vent, write a song about it, or attack your pillows. When the emotional stuff hits you, let it hit you. Feel it and let it out… but not to other people they may not like it. Also opening up to other people makes us wish for a positive response. They don't always give that, especially if they fell asleep during your telling. Praying actually helps here if you're religious.

    Hope this helps


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  • You're still at the beginning phase of your life without him. It's going to be hard, before it ever gets easy, after all, you both have a history together. First things first, you have to accept that you and him are no longer together. No matter how much it hurts, it's up to you to face it on your own. When you accept the fact that you two are no longer together, things will start to flow easily. You don't have to pretend around friends and family if you're hurt. Cry as much as you want, because crying releases a lot of the pain you feel inside. Then instead of thinking about him, practice working on yourself on how you'd be able to get through this. Listen to music that brightens up your day and remember that everyday is going to be a challenge. So challenge yourself to overcome your feelings about him


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  • When two friends become boyfriend-girlfriend and break up, friendship suffers too.

  • did u ask for being friends at least?

    • yes, we are but very distant friends now. If i don't ask we won't hang out, we hardly talk and when we do he sounds so monotoned

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  • I understand how you're feeling. Nothing is as fun, everything is a reminder. I'm goin in to 2 months since my boyfriend that I lived with broke up with me and I still cry every night.

  • try to spend time with friends.


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