How can I move on?

I'm still in that mode, I'll never find anyone as good as my ex. I've joined, made out with someone I had a crush on while I was dating my ex in the past (I don't have a crush on him anymore). It wasn't fun. And what are the odds. My ex lives in Texas, and the guy that I made out with, is moving there in a month. What are the odds. I live in the Midwest. great, but still it's not a big deal, I don't have feelings for him.

I've joined, but I keep on finding duds. I've only been signed up for a week have had tons of e-mails and request, only their all 2 years older then me. I start to compare them to my ex, and none ever seem good enough. I'm constantly going through profiles finding one negative quality and skipping over it.

I want the best and I'm going to have the best, and that is final. I'm not going to downgrade, even if I go to the grave single.


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  • i think I know exactly how you feel! no one is as good, his voice is just right, his laugh makes you smile, and everything he does is like none other, what do you do when you can't be together? how do you move on? you just kinda do


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