Do you think he wants to get back together or not? What should I make of all of this?

The whole story is my ex and i dated for two year and a half. I always hinted and probably pestered him to get engaged even though he told me many times he wasn't ready. We did talk about houses and starting a family. We been broke up for about 8 months now but we always hung occasionally even saw each other on holidays like new years eve and Valentine's day. Every time we hang out it feels like we're still in a relationship because our actions towards each other are the same as when we were together. When we hang out we kiss, cuddle, hold hand, have in depth conversasion about family and work. Sometimes he will compliment me or tell me he misses me (I have to ask but). He will do sweet things for me such as one night he covered me when i was cold and one day he made me a lunch for work. Recently i asked he how he would feel if we got backk toghter and he replied i dont want to get back together yet. Does the yet means he wants to get back together in the future or what?


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  • I'd say time revels everything. it could take him 1-2 years to realize that you are "the one for him".. People all have different mindsets your looking to lock him down right now.. perhaps he wants to wait it out a bit... This is where patience comes in to play.. Not many people have patience in these situations. If your willing to wait around for him to figure his stuff out then that's your life. If you want to look around and explore different pastures that's your life as well. From my life experience you can't force peoples hands.. you can't force him to commit, or to love you, or to marry you ultimately it will be his decision if or when he feels ready.. I think perhaps with a little bit of time and space he may come around to re-connect but I can't guarantee marriage and baby carriage you know? .. hope that helps

    • Right but you think he still loves me and wants to get back together?

      He is also having one of his friends keep an eye on me for him. Also were currently hanging out sometime this week which he said he wanted to right away.

      I didn't think it could take someone 1-2 years to make up their minds.

    • I'm sure he loves you, and yes at some point I think he would like to re connect with you.. but I couldn't tell you when. Only time will tell you know? try not to worry about it, enjoy life, work on yourself. He will come around at some point. With that being said since y'all currently just hang out maybe he is just enjoying the simplicity of it all.. no worries , no stress , just back to basics. as for 1-2 years in terms of if he's ready for marriage we shall see right? gotta wait it out or find another who is as eager as you are for engagement/marriage.

    • No I'm not that in a hurry anymore because I just want to be with him but I don't know why we just can't be together if he still loves me

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  • i think he don't know what he wants, and his feeling is all over the place.

    you right now is his safety net. when two people broke up there is this feeling still there and as long as the other person is providing that haven to that other person that's how it will be.
    i think you should stop be his haven that way he will decide what he wants, as long as you are with him still doing the things you guys were doing while you in a relationship it will be hard for him to say what he wants when he already get you as a haven, so there won't be no need to say if he wants to get back with you or not.

    you understand what i am saying to you.

    • YES And I Am Currently Leaving Him Alone And Did It Two Times Already And He Came Back And We Fell Into The Same bs. Last time I was over I asked him how he would feel if we got back together and he said I don't want to get back together now. What Does That Mean? Like eventually he'll want to get back together?

      Do you think he will come back a 3rd time now that he knows I definitely want to get back? Do you think he still loves me? And is there anything I can do to help him make a decision?

      He still has all the places where we went and pictures we took together on his main page of his Facebook. He has told me 2 times that he isn't seeing anyone and I know he's not and he's not even looking.

      So what do you think?

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    • how long now you guys broke up? i take it he broke up with you? i will answer but i need to get an insight of the relationship you had with him.

    • Right we been broken up for about 8 months now but we always been hanging out occasionally and every time we had out we do the same stuff as when we were together. We had a fairly good relationship, some fighting here or there over stupid stuff but every couple fights.

      He is a very shy homebody type guy.

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  • if u believe he's a sweet and a honest guy as u said... wot makes u have doubts then?

    • We'll we did break up so I don't know if he just said I don't want to get back together now as a way to let me down easy because he did kiss me on the cheek because he felt bad for saying it or if he meant he wants to get back together eventually?

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    • Best u can do is wait for him to initiate then i guess

    • It's taking too long though I just want to be with him

  • Probably this yet means that he considers the possibility of getting back together. I'd have hopes if I were you. The problem is that if this "yet" lasts too long.

    • We'll he's having his friend keep an eye on me and ask me questions to get information for him about me and I just don't get why?

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    • Yes? Or would that be too much pressure?

    • If you're not putting pressure recently (or at least too much pressure) and since you're currently good friends, I don't think it'll be too much pressure.

  • seems so...

    although u should give him a chance i guess!

    • does it sound like im not giving him a chance? because i am

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  • to be honest, both of you guys are stupid. (sorry, i have to say this) you broke up but still treating each other the same way when you we're still together? it is obvious that he still loves you and there's still a big chance for the two of you to get back together.

    when he said this " i dont want to get back together yet" maybe he's still not ready

    • Why are we stupid? We love each other. Why wouldn't he be ready?

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    • Why does it matter?

    • Huh?

  • he still loves you.

    • How do you know? So would he want to get back together eventually?

  • i think he does.

    • Why do you think that?

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