Why are people saying Tupac is still alive and he will be back in 2014?

So I was bored and was browsing and I saw on yahoo answers people are saying there are evidence that Tupac is still alive and will be back in 2014. They said that its when his charges will be dropped and I don't know they were just saying there's enough evidence to show that he's not really dead including most of his songs..I think he's gone, what do you think? Just wondering

Ok nevermind I'm not so sure what to believe...take a look at this video and read the description on the right hand side after clicking on read more.
sorry forgot to paste the link link


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  • People who come up with this stuff have nothing better to do.


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  • These are probably the same people that think the moon landing is a hoax and that the government is going to go door to door arresting people that doesn't take the H1N1 vaccine ...its conspiracy theorist they are quacks people that are out of touch with reality maybe they like to pretend he is coming back in their head... I don't know but Tupac is dead he is very very dead...if he comes back to life then its a miracle...maybe god likes his rap that much he is going to raise him from the dead?

    • Wasn't saying he's coming back from the dead. They are saying that he's hiding somewhere.

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    • I know what you're saying. If you think you're going to start getting p*ssy about this maybe you shouldn't comment anymore because I asked what people think because of all the rumors.

    • Oh I'm not getting p!ssy maybe your reading what I type in the wrong way.....I am stating the people that produce videos or believe that he is alive think that autopsy photos are fake....I will however agree that the photos TMZ took of some guy did look a lot like Tupac....but its not possible his death was faked and that no one which would of been several dozen people have not leaked anything what so ever

  • They've been releasing entire albums of his unreleased tracks for over 10 years, and his songs are relevant to things that happened after he died.

    I don't know, I'm a fan, so I would like for him to be alive still, haha

    • Yeah that's why I'm like maybe he is because of some of his songs and stuff . And yeah same here I would like it if he's really alive too

  • Thats hilarious - maybe he can record a duet with Elvis!

  • i don't know what to think

    i thought he was dead then I saw this footage of someone that looked so much like him it wasn't close but far away still looked like him not positive it was actually him though

    well guess we'll just have to wait till 2014 haha :)

    • Yeah I saw that same footage

    • And yeah guess we will have to wait and see if it's really true

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