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I was sorta seeing this girl last summer but we were not "official" or intimate, we were everything but... anyway she had started to ignore me and then finally asked that I stop contacting her end of November or early December, I never really found out why.. so the last few months I have gone on a dates with a number of different girls and have thought a few of them went really well, but haven't turned into anything serious. my mind keeps going back to that girl from last summer, I really miss her!! but number 1 I am afraid to reach out to her because she asked me to stop contacting her. number 2 I am afraid of trying to be friends or date only to have her start ignoring me again after a few months..

anyone currently in that situation or been in that situation have any advice for me?
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  • I speak from experience when I advise you to move on. I dated my ex for almost two years on and off and she ended it on my bday in 2013. I was in love and had NEVER been more in love, committed, etc with anyone as much as I was with/to her and I spent the last 2 & 1/2 years trying to get her back to no avail. I've always been the strong, consistent, steady guy and she/this tore me apart. I lost my career, developed addictions, became antisocial, depressed, etc as a result of her/the situation. I can appreciate your desires and hurt but, you need to move on. Do NOT waste another single solitary second on her for your own good. If at some point she decides she wants you back later you can cross or burn that bridge when you get there AND you'll be a better version of yourself if it happens...

    Just my.02... hope this helps and God bless

    • good point bro.. I'm seriously at the point of totally taking a break from dating, maybe just had blinders on with these dates with other girls and have been seeing stuff thats not there. I gotta try and find another way to move past this girl..

    • I haven't been able to date in more than 3 years because of that whole ordeal. Just now healing... I'm not saying to never trust or love again, just saying to refrain from decisions that involve emotion and try to remain objective until you find THE ONE. I know this one will hurt but, consider remaining celibate, once again until you find THE ONE. It makes for better decision making when your head isn't clouded by physical desires...

    • Hey thanks for MHO! I hope that I was able to help and genuinely hope that you make a quick recovery. Also, watch out for depression... if you start slipping seek help asap!

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What Girls Said 1

  • Just call her!

    • you wouldn't find that creepy if you had asked me to stop contacting you and you really had not heard from me for 6-7 months and then I called you?

      also leading up to her asking me to stop contacting her I had been texting her about once every week or 2 without much response.. would you have classified me as stage 5?

What Guys Said 3

  • Either way, if you call her... your question is answered, good luck pal.

  • Seriously bro just call her you won't regret it if you do. If you dont call her you will regret it.

  • give it a try... maybe she'll respond ;)


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