Is he cheating on her, with me? I thought we were just friends?

I'm in college,and in one of my classes, there is this guy. He has a girlfriend who is two years older then him. We have been talking and sometimes we go out to get a coffee or what not. I assumed just as friends. Recently he has been touching my arm, hugging me and flirting. He will even leave me the occasional cute note. He never did this before. So his he interested in me, or am I thinking its something more then it really is.


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  • If he's that kind of guy, it sounds like he'll soon be openly hitting on you. I've had that experience with friends who have girlfriends. Are you interested in him? What you need to find out is if he's just out to cheat on her or if his relationship is literally finished. In most cases the former is true. When the time comes you can ask him, but you will know it if he really wants to be with you.


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