Is it normal to behave a little crazy after a break up?

My boyfriend of 7 months broke up with me a week ago on Friday . I was doing so well not contacting him and was feeling okay then he text me, just a general chat how are you text? I got drunk and unleashed a beast.

It's safe to say where we had agreed to end as friends, we definetely will not be now. I've text him and apologised but he hasn't replied. I HATE ending anything on bad terms, I think I got so crazy because I want back with him, he knows I do but he doesn't want back with me so why text when it's only going to hurt me.

I have already apologised but am so tempted to text again and try and get something back so we can at least end civil but I don't want to look crazy.

Should I just leave it and start no contact or text one last time?


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  • 1. When you break up, usually one person doesn't want the break up. Saying that you want to remains "friends" just keeps the fantasy alive for the one that you may get back together and that is a cruel torture (been there and done that.) So, when you break up, it should be a clean break: no contact, no texting, unfriend on FB, etc.

    2. When you break up, the one who is hurt needs to vent their feelings. Invariably, there are feelings of anger, jealousy, fear of abandonment, disappointment, etc. Not expressing those feelings is unhealthy. You need to voice those feelings and thoughts to your partner so you can begin the process of healing.

    3. Relationships involve some very deep feelings and very deep needs. When your partner ends the relationship, it feels like someone is ripping off your limbs. You should forget your notions about acting civil and focus on behaving in a way that promotes your mental health. If you need to shriek or howl at the moon to get over a relationship. . . do it!

  • Leave it who gives a shit the best thing u can do is move on and bag another dude and show how happy u are


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