Could you distance yourself from your boyfriend and leave if you truley loved him?

If everyone was against him your family and friends saying he's using you and your too stupid to see it. Relationship got unhealrhy. He was hurting you lashing out at you. Instead of sitting down and communicating this in a clear way. You distanced yourself from him over a period of two months then just ended things. I'm I fooling myself to think she loved me? She ended up having to choose me over her parents and cI'm pletwly being disowned by her parents. No more college ride. She cut contact conpletley. Left me with 1000 questions. I even asked her if there was some. else. she said fuck you..


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  • Well, I wouldn't stay with someone who didn't treat me right either. She may have loved you once, but you screwed the relationship up with your actions. She's probably hoping to rekindle her relationship with her family. You have to leave her alone and move on.


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  • Well same thing happened with me.
    I'm glad I moved on from that incident afterwards.
    Only cure is getting a new girlfriend who loves you and won't change her mind about you even things go bad in life.
    I know those are hard to find but believe me, when you'll find one, your life will be much better compared to the life you've imagined with this particular girl.


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  • you didn't say what you did to her? that can give me a better insight of what is going on.

    • I thought she was trying to impress me when she slept with a very high number of guys because I'm older and she wants to sound more mature. It pissed me off so much that I said that's disgusting and called her a slut.

    • I've also done some other fcked up things I guess.

    • even though you were a player she not suppose to opt and sleep with a lot of guys thinking she is keeping up that just seems like revenge to me on her part. yeah she may feel real hurt but you just don't lower your self esteem. you hold your head high. no guy is going to be impress their girlfriend sleeps with a lot of guys.

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  • yeah... maybe it's a test... so u could chase her back bro :)

    • Yeah when she cuts contact.. i don't think the case

    • That's terrible advice!

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