Girls, What should I do?

Me and My girlfriend have been fighting a lot and it's getting to the point were I can't take it and she says if i want to end it do it now over text but to me thats just to mean to do. What should i do? break up over text and feel like a asshole about it or break up in person ps it would take me 4 hours to go and say that its over. Please HELP!! Also the only reson why im breaking up with her is cause its to much stress on me and im trying to work out my own stuff out at the same time and my doctor said that im under to much stress for a 20 year old man
when ever i try to call her she hangs up on me


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  • Breaking up over text is kind of weasel-ish of you, even if the alternative is less pleasant. Be a man, dude. Respect her enough to go over there, look her in the face, and tell her it's best for both of you if you end things now. Make sure you let her know that you still care about her, but explain the thing about your doctor/stress. Obviously your health should be your #1 priority, and if the relationship is having a negative effect on your stress levels, you've gotta make a change.

    Besides, a face-to-face break-up will give you the closure that a text break-up wouldn't. You'll both be able to accept that it's over once you've had a chance to talk it out in person; saying things over text doesn't even guarantee that she'll reply to you or that you'll give her your reasons. You don't want to be left hanging and end up stressing out over how she's taking it or if she even got your text in the first place.

    • yeah i guess you are right and plus i hate breaking up with someone over the phone or text

    • Exactly. And imagine how crappy you'd feel if someone broke up with you that way and didn't give you the respect you deserve.

    • Yeah that is true and its so not fun breaking up with someone that way cause i have had it done to me before

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  • If you are really sure about the break up, I reckon you should take the time to travel the long distance to break up with her in person. Text to me would sound like they are lazy and not much of a person enough to actually do the right thing and tell me in person.

  • Honestly... If you break up in person OR over the phone it's going to be a PAINFUL experience. You might see her cry, you might see her get angry, you both may fight again.. OR you both may apologize and try to work things out.. It can go LOTS of ways... Obviously the best way to break up is in person.. But even in person its going to HURT. there's no easy way to break up sorry to break it to you :(

    But maybe when you break up you should convince her that breaking up is good.. If you do it in person say "You and I know this isn't working out we fight all the time.. I think it would be best for us to date new people."

    I don't know.. You could wait for her to break up with you.. but ya just do the right thing.. Don't be a douchebag... Break up the correct way :)

  • Call her and break up with her over the phone but NOT via text message. Speak to her and make sure you explain everything you just told us.

  • Break up in person if your a respectful guy

    • Ok that's what I will do cause I want to be respectful and not an asshole

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