Does my ex want to get back together?

He broke up with me almost 4 months ago, and about a month ago he started slowly contacting me again and would talk just as friends and that it but every time he would hang up on me, and I would not try to call him back just left him alone. So for about 2 weeks he has been treating me differently like when he called last week he asked if I was seeing someone and he wanted to know how I felt about him, and he said he still loves me and he didn't hang up on me this time.

he called me yesterday and we talked for almost 2 hours and he wanted to know again how I felt about him so I told him that I still love him. And he always asks why do you love me? And I tell him because I love the person he is but it's kind of hard to answer that I don't know what to say. He always asks why do I love him.

He hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend again but he has been calling and texting and asking me questions as if I his girlfriend.


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  • guess he's not ready... or he feels guilty when he asks y do u love him :)


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  • The answer is yes clearly he does want u back by showing u he came back telling u what u feel and the calls then asking about dating and to be his girlfriend back your lucky wish that happened to me


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  • i think he does.


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