What to to an ex boyfriend when asks 'what do you want'?

my ex boyfriend have move on, he have a new girlfriend we haven't spoken for six months. out of the blue he contact me saying he want to reconcile. we talk, all of a sudden he asking me what do i want because he trying to be good.

and i blank out as to why will he ask me that. this the second time he is asking this question last year he asks me that and now the samw question but this time he is serious cause he is saying he fedup going around cirles an we both agreed on it. yes i feelings for him but not being real about them. what to say to someone who you have feelings for when asks a question like that.


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What Guys Said 1

  • ok... so it's up 2 u

    personally i'd suggest being friends wid him :)

    • i tried that already but it ends up he wanted more than friendship.
      we have feelings for one another, so right now is either we communicate or done with everything cause we been going around in circles for 4yrs now. and now we both agreed we are fed up communicate or no communication.

What Girls Said 1

  • The two of you should sit down and talk and put everything on the line be open and honest about anything and everything. What went right and what went wrong in the relationship. Are you two on the same page with regards to what and where you are in life. Then decide once you both have a better idea with where things stand between you two and decided if your wanting to move forward with each other or move forward separately.


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